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OMG! It's been a YEAR!

OK, so painting is so much more important to me than maintaining a website and blog. BUT that doesn't mean nothing has been happening.

In 2016, the painting "For Paris" was exhibited in Nagasaki. Seven of my paintings were included in the 40West Gallery Member Showcase exhibit. And "Remember" was selected for the Athena Exhibit at 40West Arts District, my first juried show. Pho2Love on West Colfax in Lakewood hosted my artwork and provided it as a backdrop for an article in the magazine "West Colfax Lately" (page 8).

2017 started out with a detour as I began the project "Retellings: La Mia Eredita" ... more on that in the future.

As I began the transition to living in the heart of Denver, things begin to liven up. As part of the group of artists fortunate enough to paint with Tadashi Hayakawa, I am thrilled to be included in his latest exhibition book that is due to be published in October.

In September I was invited to participate in an exhibition at Deep Space Gallery in Parker, Colorado. Seven paintings are included there.

And then on September 22-23, 2017, "Time to Go: An Art Exhibit & Sale of the Works of Mia Tarolli Pryce" will be presented in Coal Creek Canyon. Over 100 pieces of my art will be included (contact me for details). A chapter will close ... and a new one will begin.

Until next time (hopefully sooner than a year) ... remember: nothing is perfect, nothing is ever finished, and nothing lasts forever.

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