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Time To Go: Exhibit & Sale

In 2012, if you asked me what I meant by “time to go” I would have thought “how much time do I have to go before I kick the bucket?”

I had just turned sixty in 2012, and I was eyeing retirement. But I thought “what if I have 40 years left to live?” That was enough time to pursue what I really love: painting. While I had spent 25 years as a graphic artist designing for others, I realized I wanted to create for myself. And so the seeds of this “Time to Go: Art Exhibit” were sown.

Fast forward to 2017, the concept of “time to go” has taken on a different connotation. Today it means “it’s time to leave … time to move on.” After 34 wonderful years in Coal Creek Canyon, we are preparing for an exciting new life in the heart of Denver. So in a way, this exhibit feels like a farewell to the Canyon for me.

“Time To Go” encompasses over 100 paintings. The Art Students League of Denver, Deep Space Gallery, City of Parker workshops, and the 40West Arts District provided wonderful opportunities to exhibit and sell my artwork. Two paintings were included in exhibitions in Nagasaki. Most paintings are abstract and show several different styles that have evolved.

But I can’t take all these paintings with me. While it’s soon time to go, it’s also time to let go. I hope you'll find something at the Exhibit & Sale to enjoy in your home.

... Afterwards ... Thanks to all the folks who braved the fog and rain to stop by the Exhibit. It was wonderful to see so many friends, neighbors and fellow artists. My load of artwork to pack up and take with me is considerably lighter. Now I want to paint more than ever!

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